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Synega is a 100 % online consulting company

We offer services within accounting, audit, legal, and management consulting. Our vision is to be the trusted partner for any client, anywhere in the world. We do this by powering our clients with the best services, at the most suitable prices, all online. 

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Tool for workers and managers

In order to make things work and run our business smoothly, 100 % online, we had to build our own tech. Soon, friends, peers and clients started asking about our software. So we decided to create a simplified version of it, called CRM+, to be used by our clients and others, who want to be able to run their businesses all online, or who just want a system for all their everyday operations. 

Why spend time and energy moving around, when one can collaborate online?

The most suitable expert for your business needs doesn’t necessarily sit in the building next to you. Several years before covid, our hypothesis was that we are in the beginning of a major shift where services move from the physical office space to the cloud. 

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Happy clients & consultants

Our business is driven by happy clients and consultants. Our clients appreciate our easy to use services, transparency, and the value they get for their money. Our consultants like the flexibility, working remotely, and the great work-life balance.

We wanted help to look at our sales and marketing strategy. Synega delivered a comprehensive proposal, which gave us a solid foundation to work from, so we can reach our goals. We’re looking forward to continuing our cooperation moving forwards and being able to pull on their competence.



Working online is perfect when having small children. I get to spend more time with them by not having to commute, and by being able to plan my days as I want to. Synega makes things easy by supplying me with everything I need, all through one login.



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A team with a vision

A team that strives for more freedom and flexibility by using technology to create better customer experiences and to reduce unnecessary expenses.



Joachim holds an MSc in Finance & Accounting from Copenhagen Business School, and a Bachelor of Economics from Aarhus Business School and Griffith University.

After being a key member of the team that, in a fairly short amount of time, built both CMC Markets and IG Markets successful operations in Norway, Joachim went on to co-found his first business together with Mathias in 2012; a hair salon chain in Oslo.



Mathias holds a Master of International Business from Hult Business School, and a Bachelor of Business from Pacific Lutheran University.

Mathias founded his first business in high school. After this he worked as a door to door alarm salesman, and has since then, in parallel with and after his studies, established a webshop, a sourcing management franchise, and an exterior painting company. He also worked briefly in the financial sector, as a trainee with she Swedish bank SEB.


Head of consultant & client development

Erik holds an honours degree in BSc Management from accredited Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris. He also has an educational background in entrepreneurship from Santa Monica College. He has spent his last years working remotely in Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Turin, Oslo, and Marbella which has helped him develop an international mindset and network.

His professional background constitutes of building remote teams in the ML industry, dealing with cultures across the globe. This has led to Erik developing expert knowledge in how to manage, communicate and develop first-class remote experiences.


Global manager

Stefano’s remit at Synega includes both business development and operations. Based in London, he originally came to the UK to complete his BA in Business Administration at The American International University in Richmond, prior to commencing a decade-long career within financial services. He has since worked in new cutting-edge sectors, such as cryptocurrencies and is always on the lookout for new and exciting industries. Stefano strongly believes in the power of technology, as an advocate for Synega, he always emphasises the exceptional cost saving benefits to our customers and consultants. Born and raised in Germany, to Greek and Italian parents, Stefano is fluent in English, German, Greek and Italian. A true citizen of the world, he is passionate about the opportunity Synega’s business model brings, for a truly flexible, global way of working.


Country manager - U.S

Patrick Viernes is a technology entrepreneur and startup advisor. His expertise is driving revenue and geographical expansion through global partnerships and alliances. His first job was promoting trade and investment flows between Europe and Asia. He had a 12 year career in Microsoft, starting as the 14th employee of the Philippine Subsidiary, moving on to Global HQ in 1/1/1 and culminating in leading field engagement and enablement for their $7 billion a year Worldwide Public Sector division where he managed a community of Public Sector Directors and National Technology Officers in over 70 countries. Their focus industries were Government, Health, Education, Public Safety and National Security.

For the last decade, Patrick has supported a variety of high growth firms including Microsoft’s current Diversity Supplier of the Year as well as startups in emerging software and hardware technologies. Patrick graduated BS in Business Management-Honors program from Ateneo de Manila and MS Information Management from the University of Washington. He also completed an Asian Studies course from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.


Country manager - U.K

Joaquin holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University, and a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Liverpool.

Joaquin brings a breadth of experience with major organisations across business and technology services, globally. He has successfully helped to build a consulting services business across EMEA, as well as having assisted a number of Entrepreneurs to build and grow their business.


Country manager - India

Devraj holds an MBA from IIM, Bangalore and doctorate from Monash University in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Devraj is an entrepreneur since his sophomore year and has served key management positions in various sectors ranging from IT, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Mining & Consulting. He is excited about the future and is keen to participate in changing the world for the better. At Synega, Devraj wants to transform the future of consulting by delivering seamless corporate services at your desk.